9th GERG Young Researchers’ Awards

Are you doing a postgraduate research project in the field of renewable or other low-carbon gas? Why not promote your project in front of a high-level audience and possibly win a substantial prize?

The European Gas Research Group (GERG) offers Young Researchers’ Awards to early career European researchers who have displayed a commitment to excellence in scientific research and in creating solutions for the future of Energy.

The Young Researchers’ event promotes interaction between European Universities and Research Centres, on R&D topics related to Gas in the Energy system. The key objectives are: encourage a dialogue between industry practitioners and academia, raise awareness, and enhance cooperation between our different communities.

The 2019 event will take place in association with the EGATEC Conference on 6-8 November in Groningen, where an audience of between 150 and 250 industry executives and policy makers is expected. The Conference talks will be divided in six themes : Greening the Gas, Gas Utilisation, Sector Integration, Cleaning Energy / Methane Emissions, Decarbonising Natural Gas and Mobility. The candidates are encouraged to submit their project in one of these themes.

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