Avoiding dangerous climate change with Yvo de Boer

Although President Trump has promised to leave the Paris climate agreement, Brazil can join him. A large minority thinks climate change is a hoax and the actions that people around the world want is a struggle. The emission of greenhouse gases is higher than ever before, our addiction to fossil fuels is persistent.

Why a seeming no-brainer turns out to be such a struggle

What’s the problem?
The problem is that we are stuck in an extreme economic model of fossil fuels. That alternative technologies are struggling on the market and that governments and consumers are not prepared to make the right choices, especially if there is a price tag attached to it.

If only it was that simple! In fact, the challenges that stand in the way of an ambitious climate action are complex and extremely diverse in nature: political, economic, geographic, class-related and historical, just to name a few. This means that we have to find solutions for multiple problems (or chess boards, if you want).

This Barn Talk took place in March 2019.

Who is Yvo de Boer?

Yvo de Boer has recently been appointed President of the Gold Standard Foundation, which works through certification to ensure maximum business impact for climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals. Yvo is also a Partner at SRI Executive, where he focuses on working with development agencies to ensure that their strategy and organizational structure are geared to contemporary challenges.

From 2014 to 2016 he was director general of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), an international organization based on treaties with 28 member states, currently working in 25 countries on the development and implementation of strategies for green growth. Before that, mr. De Boer, chairman of KPMG for climate change and sustainability services, and was executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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