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Testing heat systems in a simulated flat or monumental villa.



An important role for green hydrogen in future energy supplies.

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Sustainability, Biogas and the Role We Play in it all | Blog by Paul Smit

Recently the world seems to move a whole lot faster than it usually does. But, at the same time, we seem to be standing completely still. This is a sensation experienced in shared fashion across the globe right now in the shadow of the infamous coronavirus (COVID-19), which suddenly and shockingly gripped our usual way of life and picked it apart. Everyone was impacted, and straying away from frequent news broadcasts and conversations about the virus proved to be an impossible task, often driving us up the wall in despair and confusion. There is a current day phenomenon that shares similar traits with the coronavirus, albeit a much slower process: climate change.


Energy storage for an energy transition | Blog by Daniel Haus (Living Lab)

If humanity wants to avoid permanent climatic changes one step is a radical rethink of the current electrical grid. This is what I discovered in the research for my internship advisory report on energy storage options.


Lectorenplatform Energievoorzining in Evenwicht (LEVE) verzorgd deelsessie voor het SIA Congres

Tijdens het SIA congres van dit jaar is één van de deelsessie verzorgd door het Lectorenplatform EnergieVoorziening in Evenwicht (LEVE), waar de Hanzehogeschool penvoerder van is.

www.energieopwek.nl (website in Dutch)

About the Energy Agreement

In the Energy Agreement for sustainable growth, it has been agreed that by 2020, 14% of the energy generated must be renewable, and by 2023 this will be 16%. The objective is a challenging task where the first question is: "How much renewable energy is currently being generated in the Netherlands?" Www.energieopwek.nl answers this question with current charts and tables (website in Dutch).