HEAT House

HEAT House

Testing heat systems in a simulated flat or monumental villa.



An important role for green hydrogen in future energy supplies.

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Lectorenplatform Energievoorzining in Evenwicht (LEVE) verzorgd deelsessie voor het SIA Congres

Tijdens het SIA congres van dit jaar is één van de deelsessie verzorgd door het Lectorenplatform EnergieVoorziening in Evenwicht (LEVE), waar de Hanzehogeschool penvoerder van is.


The hydrogen network on EnTranCe is beginning to take shape

A hydrogen network is being constructed in the EnTranCe testing ground.

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Accelerating the Energy Transition Through Serious Gaming

Imagine you have the ability to be a mayor and change a whole city towards a more sustainable place, how would you balance pollution, energetic productivity and happiness of the population? Travel back in time and picture yourself as a superhero with super powers that can save the planet from total destruction. How would it feel to be in control of human decisions and forces of nature that lead to carbon pollution and other impacts on the environment?

www.energieopwek.nl (website in Dutch)

About the Energy Agreement

In the Energy Agreement for sustainable growth, it has been agreed that by 2020, 14% of the energy generated must be renewable, and by 2023 this will be 16%. The objective is a challenging task where the first question is: "How much renewable energy is currently being generated in the Netherlands?" Www.energieopwek.nl answers this question with current charts and tables (website in Dutch).