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HEAT House

Testing heat systems in a simulated flat or monumental villa.



An important role for green hydrogen in future energy supplies.

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Terugblik New Energy Forum 2022!

Op donderdag 23 juni heeft de tweede editie van New Energy Forum plaatsgevonden. Meer dan 1000 bezoekers kwamen af op het festival voor de (aanstaande) mobiliteits- en energieprofessional. Het thema was ‘Breaking Barriers’, gericht op baanbrekende innovaties, ontwikkelingen en kennis op het gebied van mobiliteit en de energietransitie. (English in article)


Energy for everyone!

Currently, roughly 11.5 million people work in the renewable energy sector: a number that is expected to continue to rise in the future. The energy sector is one in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). A growing sector with a positive impact on our climate reveals a great opportunity for those looking for a meaningful and impactful job. But what if you did not follow education in any of these subjects, but still would like to work in renewable energy and help the cause?


Integral method for energy transition takes first steps

With current developments in the field of sustainability, climate adaptation, viruses and population decline issues, the human need for buildings to live, work, and learn in, is logically changing. It is of great importance that the rather conservative building world responds to these trends by cooperating more closely and with greater commitment with residents, users, social platforms, and designers. On this basis, new constructions can be built that suit the wishes and wants of our time and take into account a rapidly changing future. This certainly applies to the energy transition, which is integrated linked to this.

www.energieopwek.nl (website in Dutch)

About the Energy Agreement

In the Energy Agreement for sustainable growth, it has been agreed that by 2020, 14% of the energy generated must be renewable, and by 2023 this will be 16%. The objective is a challenging task where the first question is: "How much renewable energy is currently being generated in the Netherlands?" Www.energieopwek.nl answers this question with current charts and tables (website in Dutch).