Dinner Debate at the 7th European Innovation Summit

The Hanze University of Applied Science in cooperation with EnTranCe organizes todays Dinner Debate at the 7th European Innovation Summit – A pact for knowledge and innovation in the Member’s Salon, European Parliament in Brussels.

True to the slogan ‘Share your talent – move the world’, students of different nationalities will initiate a dialogue with stakeholders during the debate and will discuss long term goals. Further, they will relate those goals to current priorities within the European Union.

The topics of today’s dinner debate are inspired by the future the European Union, which continuously invests in:

  • Ethic values as intrinsic qualities of life
  • Innovative potential of society: People in Power
  • Closing sustainable chains
  • Creating a common environment for individual deployment
  • A guiding place towards the world in developing sustainable prosperity

Co-hosts of the evening are Lambert van Nistelrooj, Chair of the K4I Govering Board and Brandon Benifei, Member of the K4I Forum.

Speakers during the dinner debate are

  • Wim van Gemert, Professor Energy Innovation, Hanze University of Applied Science
  • Jan-Jaap Aue, Dean Centre of Expertise Energy, Hanze University of Applied Science
  • Marro Mijnans, Student European Master Sustainable Energy System Management, EUREC
  • Laure Detoc, Student European Master Sustainable Energy System Management, EUREC
  • Frank Pierie, PhD candidate, Hanze University of Applied Science
  • Cèsar Trijselaar, Coordinator Energy College

The 7th European Innovation Summit will set the stage for the future of innovation in Europe. Taking place from 7-10 December 2015 in the European Parliament in Brussels, the 4-days event will call for a “Pact for Innovation”. The objective of the “Pact for Innovation” is to develop an ambitious vision of what innovation can do for the EU economy and society. The future-oriented bottom-up approach of the Pact will unite a group of local, regional, national and EU innovation stakeholders.

Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) is an open, independent non-profit organisation enabling multiple stakeholders of the knowledge and innovation economy to meet and exchange their experiences with the common objective of improving Europe’s innovation performance. K4I is unique because it engages the relevant actors and sectors with different backgrounds and expertise, mobilising know-how and resources and engaging in a structured, continuous dialogue with policy makers from the EU institutions and Member States.

 More information: http://www.knowledge4innovation.eu

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