Decision model helps local sustainability initiatives in strategic choices

The energy transition stand high on the agenda. On the road to a more sustainable energy system, we have seen a large increase in local energy communities in recent years. Many of these local energy initiatives struggle with the complexity of the energy system. They lack the knowledge and expertise to make strategic decisions, that are necessary to achieve their ambitious goals. Wim Timmerman, lecturer at the Industrial Product Design Study and Researcher at the Center of Expertise Energy, has developed a method that helps local sustainability initiatives to make choices.

His ‘prosumer community shopping mall’ supports decision making within local energy initiatives through tailor-made services, knowledge and expertise. This will enable them to accelerate their goals, such as the realization of local renewable energy together with and for the participating members. This method can therefore make a significant contribution to the energy transition and, due to the cooperative nature of local energy communities, gives impetus to social cohesion.

Wim Timmerman: “Local energy initiatives, and their members, are gradually been accompanied through the ‘mall’, providing ongoing services that are in line with the development phase of the community. In collaboration with several local sustainability initiatives and experts from the energy sector, I have evaluated the method. They find the ‘shopping mall’ a useful and user-friendly concept that supports local energy communities in their growth path. ”

Wim Timmerman conducted his research at the Business & ICT Department of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Groningen. You can read the dissertation of Wim Timmerman here (in Dutch):

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