Construction of a Mini-Ameland underlines the cooperation between EnTranCe and Duurzaam Ameland

A sustainable and energy-neutral island – how nice is that?

A mini-sclaed version of the island Ameland has been created at the EnTranCe grounds, right in front of the Energy Barn. Visitors have the opportunity to inform themselves over the efforts the different partners to accelerate energy transition processes.

The island not only offers a fun look, but also underlines the cooperation between EnTranCe and Duurzaam Ameland. Ameland is the hot spot for sustainable energy. On the island several projects have been realised with the focus on new, innovative energy systems and technologies such as fuel cells, hybrid heat pumps, green gas, hydrogen production and -injection into the gas network. These systems and technologies have been developed or tested in EnTranCe.

For more information aboue Duurzaam Ameland, please click here. 

Duurzaam Ameland is a cooperative partnership of the Municipality of Ameland, EnTranCe, NAM, Eneco, Philips and GasTerra. Within the next months TNO is expected to join this partnership. 
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