Centre of Expertise Energy positively assessed

Recently, the review committee ‘Hogere onderwijs en onderzoek’ assessed 16 Centers of Expertise positively, and further pinpointed the developments of the various centers.

Based on this assessment, Minister of Education, Culture and Science Bussemaker decided to extend funding for another year, with 2017 being used to reflect on future productive arrangements in collaboration with all stakeholder. The Centers of Expertise can count on a wide appreciation from the regional business community and public institutions.

In its assessment it was stated that the committee has much faith in the Center of Expertise Energy from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The Review Committee further stated that the Centers of Expertise Energy will receive a positive assessment and will be evaluated for its high development.

Centers of Expertise

Since 2011, the Centre of Expertise are receiving funding from the OCW as part of a pilot project. In this context, achievement agreements have been made with the universities pf applied sciences about their own profiling and focal areas.

This pilot project will expire this year. The Centers of Expertise were developed based on the advice of the Committee Veerman to achieve a greater differentiation in higher education, in conjunction with the regional economic priorities.

Centers of Expertise are a new and ambitious form of cooperation between universities, businesses, the government and other public institutions. The Centers of Expertise build connections between higher professional education with the top sectors and societal challenges by providing network opportunities for professors, entrepreneurs, researchers from public and private institutions, teachers and students. Three pioneering Centers of Expertise in the areas of water, automotive and chemistry started in 2011, followed by a great number of additional Centre of Expertise in later years. The Centers of Expertise make a significant contribution in promoting the priorities and focus areas at universities of applied sciences.

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