Broken appliances? Bring them to the Repair Cafe.

Get your small domestic appliances repaired by Engineering students. Do you have a broken coffee machine, toaster or hairdryer? At the Open Day on the 8th of March students and employees of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Human Technology, Engineering and Computer Science (currently involved in the knowledge Center of Energy, EnTranCe or RenQi) will repair these appliances. Next to that, they will answer all your questions about the use of your smartphone.

Why a Repair Café? In the Netherlands a lot is thrown away. Even things that just need a simple repair. Unfortunately, repairing appliances is no longer obvious for many people. People no longer know how to repair these appliances. Repair Café will change this!

For these repairs, we kindly request for a gift for the Ronald McDonald House of Groningen. 

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