An Energy Café full of discoveries

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What is the electricity usage of different appliances? And what is the difference between a LED bulb and a CFL bulb? During the Energy Café, which was organized on the 21th of May, in the context of the project ‘A Good Example Creates Followers’, visitors got a change to discover the answers to these kind of questions.

The evening kicked off with an Energy Knowledge Test, to test the present energy knowledge among the visitors.  Is the power usage of a microwave higher or lower than the power usage of a dishwasher? And what about charging an electric razor versus playing a DVD? Despite the wide knowledge of the visitors, the differences in power usage between appliances still showed some surprising reactions among visitors.

 ‘Is my electric kettle energy efficient?
With a light bulb test and an electric kettle test, visitors could even gain more insight concerning the energy consumption of different appliances.  Especially for the Energy Café, several kettles were brought by the visitors, which were being tested by the students of SAMEEN.  At the end of the night the competition reached a boiling point and it became clear who had the most efficient and the most inefficient kettle. The participants received a winners and a consolation prize.

Together, local en sustainable
In addition to the activities for creating more awareness about energy consumption, the visitors were also sharing their experiences with each other about energy contracts, producing their own energy and informing each other about local energy initiatives. For this evening, the energy cooperation ‘De Eendracht’ was invited, to tell the visitors about the energy cooperative itself, its working methods and its future plans.

A lot of enthusiasm among the visitors
The organization of the evening was carried out by SAMEEN, iNRG (both located at EnTranCe) and the local government Ooststellingwerf. They experienced the Energy Café as a successful event. The participants of the event were very enthusiastic.  They rated the evening with an average grade of 7.9, and went home with an energy-efficient gift. The Energy Café was the fifth activity in the series of activities of the project, where 100 households are encouraged to save energy. More information on this project:

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