Energy Transition Community | The new school year starts with 58 new students and a lot of enthusiasm

It is the beginning of the new school year and at EnTranCe this means the arrival of the new students. For the first semester of 2016/17 the Energy Transition Community at EnTranCe welcomed a total of 58 new students. In the upcoming 20 weeks the students will follow different workshops and lectures, which will provide them with the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills to successfully become an energy change maker. This development shall further be achieved in cooperation with working within a change agency, an innovative project or by following an internship.

Last Wednesday (07-10-2016), the students were welcomed at EnTranCe for the first time to take part of the Kick-Off celebration for Semester 1 2016/17. The day started off with a presentation about the Energy Transition Community and an overview of what the students can expect in the following weeks.

After a lunch break in the EnergyBarn, the program continued with short pitches of the three change agencies (Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Households and Sustainable Mobility) as well as the Energy Academy Europe, Startup Fast Track and the Centre of Expertise Energy from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The goal of these pitches is to demonstrate to the students what possibilities there are for them to be active in the world of energy transition and how they can develop themselves even further to become an energy change maker.

The kick-off was a great success with many new insights, ideas and connections. The Energy Transition Community is looking forward to the next weeks and the exciting and challenging work ahead of us.

If you wish to know more about the Energy Transition Community, please click here and have a close look at the EnTranCe website and Facebook page.

See photographic expressions of the Kick-Off Semester 1 2016/17 below:


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